Utsushi-e – How the Holland Influence the Very Beginning of Anime

Utsushi-e – How the Holland Influence the Very Beginning of Anime

Ryan Jonathan

The anime is famous because of its ability to grow with its viewers. Meaning that anime has provided many different entertainment values, and even norms for people to enjoy over time. The anime is a well-known Japanese creation and people from all over the world have managed to find enjoyment from this Japanese work. However, in the past it is also amazing to see that anime were influenced by magic lanterns, which shaped the anime that we know and love today.

The Japanese had already developed their own theatrical as well as entertainment value at the time. But with the introduction of magic lanterns, which is called Utsushi-e in Japanese, it creates a new variant of what is the anime that we call today’s time. So, Holland introduced magic lanterns as a source of theatrical entertainment at the time, and the Japanese had to modify them in order for them to create more entertainment value for the people. So, the improvements made were not limited to the hardware that they were introduced to, they also added more theatrical aspects that were not in the original magic lantern.

This pre cinematic projector that was used has become a great improvement to what the magic lantern was capable of. While it may not last and has disappeared into thin air, the original ideas of the stories, as well as the theatrical capabilities have only improved so much. The main reason it cannot grow beyond was the limitation to what it can do, it can only entertain a limited number of people at one time. With the new technological advancement, people are having so many different sources of enjoyment from their entertainment.

After a long year of magic lanterns in the west or utsushi-e in Japan, they both developed into very different results. While the west may have resulted into what the cinemas are well known with, the blockbuster movies, the Japanese has made it into animes. It may not be the only development it made, certainly each country is now able to develop their own cinematic entertainment, which creates more diverse products that comes with it.