Is Otome Games Only For Women?

Is Otome Games Only For Women?

Ryan Jonathan

While Otome games are very well known to target women specifically, the question arises does it only belong to women? Or it can also be targeted to men that might find the game fun and entertaining? Well this article will try to find out the case where it might be enjoyable for not only women, but men as well.

Looking for the origin of the genre otome games, it might seem obvious that the main target audience of otome is indeed young Japanese females who are interested in the simulation genres. However as the game evolves and there are a lot more new subgenres included in the otome games, more and more different audiences seem to enjoy the game more. The growth of interests are increasing from young Japanese females to what young females nowadays in the whole world. Otome games now do not seem to stop at the geographical locations, but the limitations of the language itself. But as the limitations of language barrier are also being overcome easily, more and more people are able to enjoy otome games.

After looking at what seems to be an increased interest rate, it is also an incredible thing to see what the genre has grown into. It can be seen that otome games are common for its female audience oriented because of how the story is typically designed with stories that makes them choose between several male protagonists. With many of these stories still being developed, it is safe to say that the majority of the audience are still targeted for females. But to say that otome games are only for female audiences are quite improper. It’s because male audiences who can find the storyline entertaining, can perhaps enjoy the overall experience of playing otome games, and also learn what actually is intriguing for females.Male audiences can also try to see what are the strengths and weaknesses of the male protagonist in the story and learn a little bit on what makes them interesting in the eyes of the female.

So to say that otome games are only for women can be seen as correct if everyone is seeing how the otome games are originally targeted for. However as the growth of different subgenres and storyline that are no more catered to only women, it is safe to say that otome games are genderless and can be played by anyone that find them interesting. Entertainment for different individuals is not to be standardized by what the general ideas are saying about certain views, so if you find yourself enjoying otome games no matter the reason, then enjoy the game to your own liking and do not listen to what most people say. Like the game Memories, it is an otome game that might be an intriguing otome game for everyone that found the game interesting. It does not matter if you are a male or female, you can always find entertainment in otome game like Memories. You can download and try Memories Interactive through this link for Android and this link iOS and start to build your own story. Happy playing!