Hansel & Gretel

Hansel dan Gretel are two brothers who have found a cakehouse in the middle of woods. The whole house is made of sweets! Its pillars are made out of candy, the walls are from cookies, and it has a colorful flower-shaped cream also.

The sweet scent and the alluring appeal of the cakehouse have caused Hansel and Gretel to give in. Hansel prod the cream, and Gretel taste the cookie wall. Evidently… it really is delicious! Hansel and Gretel just keep taking a bite after bite.

In the middle of their munching, a witch who owns the house comes home! “Why are you eating my house?”. Hansel and Gretel are spotted. The two brothers are afraid that the witch would lock them up and eat them.   

Thankfully… the witch is anything but cruel and evil. Because I am the witch!

The cakehouse is a restaurant that I built together with my fairy friends. Our guests come from every world. My mission? To share a magical experience with the guests through our desserts. Who knows what sort of magic you can get from one bite. 

The Characters


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