7 Medieval Themed Anime We Recommend

7 Medieval Themed Anime We Recommend

Ryan Jonathan

There is nothing more exciting than watching anime with old school vibes. With anime being able to visit every existing genre out there, historical or medieval timed anime are one of the best genres to be enjoyed. Animes that are set during these medieval times are often associated with war, knights and kings living in luxury while their subjects suffer. The settings on how life were at the time, being tortured and military being the main ruler above the peasants are few examples of how the stories were shown in the anime. However there are also a number of anime that found clever ways to revamp these historical time settings. Here are 7 Medieval themed animes that we recommend:

  1. The Heroic Legend of Arslan

The Heroic Legend of Arslan has a storyline of what to expect from watching medieval themed anime, two kingdoms at war between power hungry kings. But Arslan, who is one of the king’s children, thrives to be a good and fair ruler. However the story revolves as the king was betrayed and Arslan is going on a journey to take back his kingdom.

  1. Tears to Tiara

The story revolves around Riannon, who is a priestess from a small island governed by the Gael Tribe. Riannon was then kidnapped to be sacrificed to the demon Arawn. However upon rising, Arawn pledged allegiance to the tribe. They were then working together to fight the Empire which was oppressing the kingdom.

  1. The Twelve Kingdoms

This anime shows how a youngster gets isekai into another world and has to live through a totally different life because of it. She was an ordinary kid who used to live ordinarily until the universe wanted her to experience a different life. She then has to live amongst demons and magics where it was non-existent in her previous life.

  1. The World is Still Beautiful

While most medieval themed anime focuses on how the world was so gloomy at the time, this anime shows a glimpse of hope hence the title. The World is Still Beautiful shows the story of Nike who holds the power to call the rain and is using it for good measures. The anime does not show how totally dark the world is at the time and rather shows the sight of beautifulness.

  1. Kingdom

Kingdom depicts a story of how orphaned kids have to survive in the medieval era. The anime shows how having a life without parents in the midst of wars can be a troublesome life threatening experience. This anime shows a little bit of the fantasy aspect of how one can be ruler even without being a direct descendant of the king.

  1. Castlevania

Castlevania is showing a fantasy aspect of how the old mysteries and stories would be if it happens. One mythical creature, a vampire called Dracula, is one of the characters inside the anime and is known to have a very strong power as well as influence in the story. Dracula was furious because of the murdered of his wife, and in anger he unleashed the power of hell to terrorize the land.

  1. Berserk

Being one of the best anime that successfully depicts the medieval themed in terms of its terror and experience. The story revolves around Guts who is trying to fight the ruler of a kingdom and chase the terror that follows after doing so. The anime shows how the medieval politics, strategies and torture were at the time. Not only reality aspects, they also add some witchcraft to add intensity into the story.

There are many more anime that are showing medieval themed stories. They can either show more depth into accurately historical or even more fictional and shows what could have happened. Medieval themed animes usually have witchcraft and magics where it was usually famous at the time. While the truth might not be as close as what the animes are showing, it usually fits on how people perceived at the time. Just like how these animes are showing the life of the kingdom at the time, our unique story inside the game Memories, depicts a similar storyline with the book called Red White Cinderella. Red White Cinderella shows how life is at the kingdom that might be peaceful but still having competition between each other on who to rule the kingdom. You can download and try Memories Interactive through this link for Android and this link iOS and start to build your own princess story. Happy playing!